About us

We live in a small village Margava, in Kaunas suburbs. Because we live near the forest, here is a beautiful landscape.

Bernese Mountain dogs has an amazing personality, they protect the territory well and are extremely dedicated to their masters. They really like being amongst people, they love children a lot. Actually, a Bernese Mountain dog is a great family dog, who gets along well with other animals, too.

At this moment we have 5 brilliant Bernese Mountain dogs. From Poland we brought a female Sara (Nola), who gave a lot happiness and joy to our lives. Nola has a mobile personality, likes to make fun a lot, but at the same time she is very devoted and obedient. She is a candidate to Lithuanian champions. In 2008 our kennel got another Bernese Mountain dog - a male Urano, who is from Hungary. Urano has a good, friendly personality. He is a Junior champion of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Baltic. In 2009 to kennel were added 2 puppies from Nola's first (A) litter (Armando and Angel).

Our kennel pays a special attention to improvement of breed's characteristics. Our breed puppies has a European champions blood. Males are chosen carefully, in view to dysplasia, health and longevity. A good relationship with many European Bernese Mountain dog kennels helps to draw experience, so we are known outside Lithuania, too.

Contacts: Aušra Sakienė, +37067634132, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it